Not many years ago, when I switched from analog to digital, I would go out and I would shoot hundreds if not thousands of Pictures. (The pixels were free and i’m sure you all did that), put the images into my computer and i have to tell you that, no matter how i process them,  to me, i was disappointed and they looked flattened boring. Maybe that’s just the way I see light in color but I’m sure you all know, that it’s probable that we don’t see light in color the same way. So I had to find better way’s  to process my images.

In 2006 a friend of mine showed me what you can do with Photoshop  and Lightroom. I was amazed, since my earlier childhood i wanted to create arts with my pictures. Our camera sensors are not very good at capturing the full range of contrast to the scene very well, the shadows block up in the highlights blowout. The concept of shooting multiple images at different exposures, merging them together into a single file that has lots of information. Is really a brilliant way to work,  the question is: Does it take away from our craft this photographers in is a cheating? I know that, there are a lot of photographers out there who think it does take away from their craft and i know that they think it’s cheating,  but I don’t think it does! I think it adds to our craft and i think in the end,  we can get some really beautiful pictures.

I started spending many hours per week studying photography and post processing. Since that i never stopped on learning. With competence getting better i started teaching.

I specialize in Ancients, landscapes, cities. I love to learn new photography or retouching techniques and share them.